IMPORTANT TO ANY SPG FANS. I'm making a thing I like to call The Kazooland Bazaar which contains a crowd made up of (hopefully) the entire fanmily's oc's. So, if you have 1 or 100, submit them all. All of them. Don't be shy, I want as many as possible. GIVE ME YOUR KAZOOLANDERS, BECILES, WALTERS, FANBOTS, ANYTHING SPG RELATED.
(Btw, you can call me Alice or Nyx or whatever floats your boat.)
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If my OC doesn't get accepted the first time I submit, or if the design changes, do I have to submit again or do you keep the ones you get? I'd really like to get mine drawn, but I've changed her up a bit since my submission.


If something changes and I haven’t put you through, you can always send another message with the updates! And everything is accepted, It just takes time. I have everybody lined up in a queue. Which one was yours? Just let me know! Thanks.